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Travelling to Tinos

The holy island of Tinos is accessible only by Ferry

The Cyclades island of Tinos is accessible from the two major ports of Attica, Piraeus and Raphina.

The duration of the ship's journey depends on the choice of the port and the vessel - 2 till 6 hours.

The shorter distance is from Raphina, about 60 nautical miles, from Piraeus 86 miles.

If you arrive by plane at Athens Airport Raphina is the best choice for you because of small distance to the port.

Line company
Vessel-Details Schedules  
Rafina - Tinos

arrival at

EKATERINI P. Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Myconos CYCLADES FAST FERRIES EKATERINI P. Fast Ferries Vessel-Details Schedules 06:55-10:45
PENELOPE A Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Myconos AGOUDIMOS LINES Penelope A Vessel-Details Schedules 07:25-11:05
SUPERFERRY II  Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Myconos  - Naxos GOLDEN STAR FERRIES Superferry II Vessel-Details Schedules
BLUE STAR ITHAKI Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Myconos BLUE STAR BLUE_STAR_ITHAKI Vessel-Details Schedules 08:15-11:15
THEOLOGOS P Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Myconos CYCLADES FAST FERRIES Theologos P. Vessel-Details Schedules 07:05-10:45*
FLYINGCAT 3 * Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Myconos - Naxos - Ios - Santorini HELLENIC SEAWAYS FLYINGCAT_3 Vessel-Details Schedules 07:30-09:15
SEAJET2 * Rafina - Tinos - Myconos - Paros SEA JETS seajet2-800  Vessel-Details Schedules 07:25-09:05
Piraeus - Tinos
from Piraeus, Tinos arrival at
Piraeus - Syros - Tinos - Mykonos HELLENIC SEAWAYS Highspeed 5 Vessel-Details Schedules 07:25-10:30
BLUE STAR NAXOS Piraeus - Syros - Tinos - Mykonos BLUE STAR Blue Star Naxos Vessel-Details Schedules 07:35-12:15

* not every day!!
* only summer saison

How to go to the ports of Attica

Meaningful it is to be selected in each case, the flight so that a direct onward possible without overnight stay in Athens (or Mykonos) is
From Airport:
  1. To Raphina there are hourly buses from the airport (bus stop: Arrivals, opposite Sofitel Hotel) from 06:00 clock, price € 3.50.
  2. Bus connections to Piraeus from 0:00 to 24:00 Clock
  3. Train, from 06:00 (with a change in Athens) information page of the Athens airport.
Forward planning of cruise for advance planning, several months before the start of the journey is possible with the help of state information is not, because the summer timetable until the end of June are available.
Find out book from the website of the shipping schedules and then to the Internet directly to the shipping company to offer most now an on-line booking. With the expression of the will after the payment is available, you can then pick up your tickets at the port offices. If the shipping company, while the Return ticket booking a discount is granted to take this obvious benefit - provided the ferry timetable can be with their next tour dates makes sense to combine.

Traditionally, the ships all year round in the morning from Raphina and depart from Piraeus at 07:30 clock, in the afternoon from approximately Raphina at 17.00 clock.
For details on the left of the shipping companies.
My advice is: book a flight for the journey to Athens on 05 of the clock in the morning arrives, you certainly have the chance to reach a ship for departure. Best way to book a return flight from Athens after 22 clock. You can also select a target Mykonos Airport, here again is that they should be aware of flight and ferry times. Ferry connections to Mykonos from Tinos, they have to 07.30,13.00 and in the summer months at 21.00 clock. Journey Time: 30-45.

By car from the north or west Raphina is easier to achieve on the motorway (E94) from Patras and Thessaloniki coming towards Athens airport El.Benizelos. Estimate for the arrival of Patras, we in heavy traffic 4 hours drive away. From the motorway exit PALLINI can be reached very quickly and usually without Pikermi jam the harbor Raphina. It makes sense to one hours before storing in the port to be ready to embark. Even longer delays elapse quickly into one of the many port taverns.

Ship schedules, informative websites and other

A well-intentioned Note The automatic telephone information, even those of the Port Police and the schedules of the Navy Department did not always correspond with the facts, the best source of information are shipping offices and the timetables of the ferries.
With the purchase of tickets (in particular) at the airport: there is a bad trick : First class tickets instead of cheaper by pointing to supposedly already sold out for sale. That is not always and not outside the season! Ask them if they do not want to travel 1st class is best at the next office, or buy at the port at the central office of the respective cruise line if they heed my advice then you have the time. Take advantage of the discount jointly purchased round-Return ticket!
If you take a taxi from the airport BEFORE you ask how much the trip costs. Athens Airport - Raphina should cost no more than €30-35.

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