Pottery class on an hourly basis

For everybody who is calling ​​ceramic her or his hobby and want practice at a potter's wheel a few hours, we are offering the possibility to do so at hourly basis, to rent a potter's wheel in our workshop together with craft instructions and help.
This offer is valid from April till Oktomber, except on Sundays and public holidays.

Hourly Rate: incl. clay material without fire 
and taxes only € 14.00. Smallest unit of time 2 hours.

From 9 clock in the morning from Monday till Saturday.

Firing costs are expensed based calculated by kg in biscuit firing at 960 ° C € 6.90,  € 8.00 at 1020 ° C and in glaze firing € 12,00.

Please book and make your prepayment before course - beginning.




All courses in the 2020 calendar year will not take place due to official requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated uncertainties.

Please send E-Mail to :  .